From the Previous posts ( and ), we understood that राग etc. cause औत्सुक्य, मोह and अरति. In this post, we elaborate on why राग etc. of the mind are incurable disorders.
As per the texts of Ayurveda, the prognosis of diseases is classified as

  1. Curable and
  2. Incurable

The curable diseases are those where normalcy is restored through treatment. The diseases of this category are termed “साध्य रोगाः”
The incurable category of diseases i.e.असाध्य रोगाः are condotions where restoring normalcy is not possible. This category is again sub categorised as
i. Manageable
ii. Incurable

Many a times, despite suffering from incurable disorders, health can be maintained by life style modification. However, a small triggering factor can prompt a relapse or recurrence of the disease. (Ex. Diabetes, Respiratory disorders etc.). This class of manageable disorders (through life style modification) is termed a याप्य रोगाः
There is yet another group where no treatment (palliative or curative) is ever successful and they present a bad prognosis. This category as per Ayurveda is termed अनुपक्रम.

न विद्युत उपक्रम यस्य सः अनुपक्रमः।
That disorder or disease which is beyond possible or successful treatment is called अनुपक्रमरोग or Incurable disease.
The characteristic features for अनुपक्रम रोगs is explained in ASHTANGA HRIDAYA as
अनुपक्रम एव स्यात्स्थितोऽत्यन्त विपर्यये।
औत्सुक्यमोहारतिकृत् दृष्टारिष्टोऽक्षनाशनः।।
(अ. हृ – सू 1/32)

The incurable disease present with features like

  1. Long standing condition
  2. Spread to various parts of the body
  3. Causing औत्सुक्य (Impatience), मोह(absence of mind or inability to be mindful) and अरति (Unrest – physical and mental)
  4. Gradual failure of sense organs and other organs

It can be summed up that disorders that present with features of औत्सुक्य, मोह and अरति are categorised as incurable disorders.

Hence राग etc. of the mind which cause औत्सुक्य, मोह and अरति are categorised as incurable disorders.

Measures to keep the mind away from राग etc. disorders:

The texts of Ayurveda mention that the way to keep the mind away from राग etc. is by constant efforts to achieve Aatma Jnana. It is also mentioned in the 4th Chapter of Ashtanga Hridaya Sutra Sthana that राग etc are urges which have to be consciously evaded and suppressed. This is possible by winning over the mind and the other 5 sense organs (Jitendriya).

It is not only राग that affects the mind, लोभ (Greed), ईर्षा (Intolerance), द्वेष (Hate), मात्सर्य (Jealousy), शोक (Depression) are the other five. All these 6 urges of the mind are categorised as Incurable disorders. The disorders of the mind are effectively controlled by improving on the intellect, by the aid of moral support from family, friends and well wishers and by a constant pursuit to understand the knowledge of AATMA or INNER SOUL