सुखार्थाः सर्वभूतानां मताः सर्वाः प्रवृत्तयः ।
सुखं च न विना धर्मात्तस्मात् धर्मपरो भवेत् । ।

The emphasis to fulfill the social, ethical, moral responsibilities has always been main stream in Ayurveda.
This entire universe’s prosperity and protection is the cause for the wellbeing of our own self; is the foundation that Ayurveda lays. An imbalance in the smallest of ways in long term leads to disasters.
Chapter -2, Shloka 20 of Vagbhata’s Astanga Hridaya explains that all our efforts and actions (of Body, Mind and Speech) shall be intended for the absolute wellbeing of every living soul on this earth.
In continuation, it is explained that wellbeing of every living being is achieved through righteousness and righteousness alone.
And clearly, the wellbeing of the body and mind is defined as HEALTH.
There can be no denial that this crisp explanation from Ayurvedic text is completely evidence based and is an uncontested truth.

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