Today taking risk is essential in life. but mind it/ be very clear …. the mantra is not “Take Risk” but instead it is ” Take CALCULATED risk”. Extensive Planning is very essential to witness a substantial or exponential growth, be it personal growth or organisational growth. Propel yourself to stretch and improve, but, avoid crossing the threshold of your physical and mental capacity. Else, you tumble like a pack of cards.

The new age advancement in science and technology has made life easier and complicated at the same time. The boom in online marketing is a classic example. The surge in online sales illustrates that life can move on easily with little involvement of physical efforts which results in various lifestyle disorders. This is applicable to the customer as well as the investor who has more to do with online work and also to the delivery personnel who are mostly driving/riding. While on the other hand the technologically improved well facilitated hospitals have set examples and bench marks for an improved life.

However,the urge to succeed has reduced the quality of life and has been impacting the health of every individual in a very negative way.

This struggle has created an imbalance in the society. While the core principles of life like Forbearance, Endurance, Diligence have diminished, there is an increase in Negative characters/ qualities/ features which is affecting our well being.

While combating to be in the front in almost every aspect of life, be it on the road or at work and many a times even in personal life too, we push ourselves to reach for boundaries beyond our threshold. This creates unpleasant events relating to health.

Some of the following signs and symptoms are key indicators of an imminent threat to a harmonious life.

  • When your reaction time is increased and your mind slows down.
  • When you frequently find yourself suddenly forgetting what you were about to do.
  • When your sleep pattern is haphazardly disturbed.
  • When your digestive system gets imbalanced.

Push yourself but do not punish yourself.

Some of the key points to note to avoid pushing yourself to unreachable boundaries –

  • Consiously monitor your digestion, sleep, weight and physical & mental capacity. Make efforts to regain your health when you notice any imbalance.
  • Be calm and composed. Take measures to control your temper. Practise Yoga and Pranayama regularly.
  • Be organised and planned. Planned execution of any activity filters off useless thoughts & actions; and establishes tranquility in life.
  • Be good, do good – What goes round comes around. Doing good reverberates positive energy.

When the body becomes weak, the disease/ disorder gains the upper hand! Never allow yourself to fall. Let the goal of life be–“To lead a happy, healthy and a contended life” and not to lead a life which is dependent on others.

Always remember — An ounce of prevention is more worth than a pound of cure.

This article was previously published by me on AyurvedNews.