Resolutions are thoughtful decisions of “DOING” or “NOT DOING” something. These are initiatives we volunteer to take to streamline our thoughts and actions.
When we resolve to achieve something, it is an expedition from darkness (Tamas) to light (Jyothi). A journey that leads us from ignorance (Ajnana) to wisdom (Jnana); from distress (Alakshmi) to prosperity (Lakshmi)

While it is not very hard to realize what we want to achieve, it is very challenging to accomplish it/ them. The key to being successful with any resolve lies at four (4) levels as

  1. Itemize the resolve to smaller elements: Break down the resolve into smaller, simpler elements that are pivotal to the compact, synoptic resolution. The resolution by itself comprises the “WHAT” to achieve, and, itemization comprises the “HOW” to achieve. This level gives comprehensive knowledge of how to steer through to reach the destination.
  2. Implement the smaller elements: The “TO DO” and “NOT TO DO” aspects itemized in the first level are introduced or enforced into the daily routine. A conscious effort is taken to make sure that the plan is made effective in the day-to-day activities to an extent that it becomes a habit.
  3. Introspect the effectiveness: Examine and analyze the effects and after effects of the thoughts and actions that were “undertaken” or “spared” as per the itemization (at level 1). Introspection is “performance analysis” or “effectiveness check” which shall be done at regular intervals. It is at this level that improvisation of level 1 (Itemization) and level 2 (Implementation) can occur.
  4. Repeat: Being persistent to undertake or spare the thoughts and actions as planned at level 1 or improvised at level 3 happens at this level. It is here, at this level that we succeed to achieve the resolve taken.

As we look forward to begin a new year, we are enthusiastic to do more and achieve more. However, any time of the year is good to take a positive resolve.

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